What’s Your Mirror Image?

My baby taking care of her baby.

Yesterday, I beamed with pride as I watched my daughter Anna dote lovingly on her baby doll. As you can see from the selection of (adorable!) photos to the left, she was feeding and kissing her–but what you can’t see (or hear) is she how whispered sweet things into her baby’s ear and hummed while she covered her with a blanket while saying, “Nightie-night!”

Watching her treat the doll with such tenderness was a genuine crankiness crusher, mostly because I believe (hope?!) it’s a reflection of how she thinks I treat her. There’s nothing better than watching someone mirror the positive things you do–especially when it’s your child (someone whose ethical upbringing is in your hands!). Granted, she later let the baby fly off the couch when she ran to chase after her older brother when he walked into the room, but toddlers will be toddlers. 😉

What’s the moral of my story? Be mindful of how others treat you. It could be a real eye-opener if you’re not getting the empathy, compassion, and love you think you deserve. As the saying goes, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Everyday, there’s an opportunity to take the focus off of yourself and take care of someone else if you see they’re feeling fragile or just need some extra love and attention. Your level of patience and understanding, and how well you put yourself in other people’s shoes, can really affect your relationships. Remember to make choices from the heart so the reflection you see is always an image you can be proud of.




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