Stuff I Write About

Here’s a sampling of some of my work:

Emotional Well-Being/Wellness

Are You Smart About Your Feelings? (REDBOOK)

Feng Shui: Create Your Own Good Fortune! (REDBOOK)

5-Minute Stress Fixes (WebMD)

Eight Ways to Declutter Your Mind (REDBOOK)

Keep Joy in Your Life (REDBOOK)

Let Go of Guilt (REDBOOK)


Food Allergies: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You. (REDBOOK)

Breast Cancer: Can You Separate Fact from Fiction? (

Get Skinny with Your Guy  (


10 Best (Paid) Apps for Preschoolers (

5 Money Skills Kids Are Learning (

Family Friendly Ski Resorts: Maximum Fun, Minimum Hassle (

Sister Wars: You’re All Grown Up–So Why Are You Still Fighting? (

4 Online Games That’ll Raise Your Child’s Money I.Q. (

Match Your Kid With His Ideal Cause (


5 Financial To-Dos That Can’t Wait (

Create a Budget You Can Live With (

Make Your Fave Restaurant Meals At Home (

5 Free Mobile Apps that Save You $$$ (


Save Your Relationship–And Bank Account (

Could Your Spouse be Keeping Money Secrets? (

Are You Realistic About Relationships? (

Is Your Body Language Saying the Wrong Thing? (

Celebrity/Lifestyle Quizzes

What’s Your Celebrity Diva Style? (

Which Celeb Will You Look Like in 10 Years? (

What’s Your Greek Goddess Personality? (

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