Hair therapy.

Does anyone else spill their guts to their hair stylist/colorist? I swear, every time I see Lola (the one who beautifies me), she should charge extra for all the advice she gives me! One time she mentioned that her clients often reveal secrets or info they’d normally like to keep on the DL when she’s washing their hair. There’s gotta be some sort of study that proves that people let down their guard when someone is rubbing their head…

Anyhow, when Lola and I are done with our sesh, I not only feel lighter after having my mane layered, de-thickened and highlighted, but I also feel lighter in spirit. Airing stuff out with her takes a load off. It helps that she’s an amazingly non-judgmental person, and since she’s a little older than me, she offers pearls of wisdom based on her life’s trials and errors. I’ve always acted as a pseudo-therapist for a lot of my friends, so I’m glad that I could also offer her a listening ear and guidance.

My connection with Lola is today’s crankiness crusher. That, and the chocolate peanut butter egg I ate shortly after my appointment. 🙂

Here’s a not-so flattering-pic of me with my coiffed hair getting a chocolate fix.

For those of my friends who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful time with your family!



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