So long nasty dogs.

My dogs have been screaming for a pedicure. I really wanted to bust out my flip flops on Monday since it was in the 80s, but I just couldn’t. I didn’t want to subject anyone to my gross feet!

Coming out of hiding

I had some extra time today (which already put me in good mood!), but today’s crankiness crusher is definitely looking at my nicely polished toes. I have a long list of beauty to-dos that I need to address, but this one was top-level priority for me!

I really hope you’re able to do something for yourself today or sometime over the weekend. Take a bike ride, plant some flowers, read a book, subscribe to my blog (hint, hint), or just veg out if that makes you happy. When you tend to yourself, your body and mind are better equipped to tackle anything that may get in your way.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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