An Imperfectly Perfect Life Lesson

“When you boil down parenting, it’s really about teaching your children about what matters most in life. It’s about instilling values. And it’s also about reassuring them that it’s okay to not be perfect…because life isn’t perfect. So, yes, my children have seen my flaws and weaknesses, but instead of being ashamed of my imperfections, I’m showing them that you can have them and still be a good person.” ~Tara Rummell Berson

beautyofimperfectionI’m very humbled that my essay “An Imperfectly Perfect Life Lesson” was included in the Fly Like an Eagle anthology. The book is a collection of inspirational stories that spawn moments of reflection.

Here’s a scanned copy of my article (An Imperfectly Perfect Life Lesson). It’s a deeply personal parenting piece that will hopefully teach you to embrace your imperfections rather than feel guilty about them.

If you’re interested, you can purchase the book on Amazon for about $15 (proceeds benefit SORCO, a rescue and rehab and release facility for injured raptors such as eagles, hawks and owls).


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