Egg-stra special.

Yesterday my husband pointed out a new feature on our house: a robin’s nest! They usually build one at the top of our gazebo in the backyard, so I wasn’t expecting to see a nest in our front porch light?! I know robins are small, but I have no idea how they keep slipping in and out of that tiny opening! Impressive. And it gives me hope that the chicks will be able to flee after they hatch.

I’m going to keep a close eye on the eggs and make sure everything works out for them. So far I can only see one egg (it’s hard to tell since it’s so high up!), but apparently the mama robin can only lay one egg per day so there may be more soon. I’ll try to take a picture later in the day if I can. Fingers crossed, the expectant parents won’t try to attack me when I get too close to their nest!

The li’l incubating eggs are today’s crankiness crusher. I’m really looking forward to meeting my robinettes! And according to my friend and lifestyle guru, Ellen Whitehurst, a family of birds in your porch light could signify a new addition to the family or a family reunion. I can hardly manage the two kids I have, so I’m counting on the latter!

What’s making you smile today? I hope that all of the positive feelings you have from a fun/restful weekend are carrying into the start of your week!



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