Clearing the way for Mother’s Day fun.

Wish I had as much fun cleaning as this lady seems to!

There’s nothing better than kicking off Mother’s Day weekend with a clean house. And it’s even more satisfying when I’m not the one who had to do it! My husband paid for the awesome Dirt Divas to come in and take care of all the areas I haven’t been able to get to lately (which is like EVERYWHERE!), so this took a load off my plate–and my mind.

I had a moment yesterday while my two little ones were at school, when I breathed in the clean, citrus-y scent of my floors, and enjoyed going from room to room and seeing a sense of order. There were no toys on the floor, no dishes in the sink, and no pieces of dog hair or dust balls flying out from the corners while I walked. I sat down to write, relishing the temporary peace and quiet, and for the first time in a while truly appreciated my home.

Knowing that I have the weekend to focus on the fun stuff instead of worrying about cleaning toilets or getting down on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor is so freeing–and definitely this weekend’s crankiness crusher. I’m thankful that my husband recognized that I could use an extra set of hands to help out with the overwhelming amount of housework. It’s the best present of all–the gift of time. Time to do the “want-tos”, not just the “have-tos”.

Whether you’re a mom, step-mom, Godmother, pet-mom or auntie, I hope that someone does something for you to thank you for all you do for them. You deserve it!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.



P.S. I’m sending lots of birthday love to my mama!


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  1. Lori Smith
    May 07, 2011 @ 21:28:02

    What a nice thing for your hubbie to do for you. Good thing he knows what you need. Some men are totally clueless.


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