Triple play happiness.

I had a triple crankiness crusher happen today!

Look at that face!

While holding mood-booster #1, my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato, I spotted an adorable mini beagle puppy in the car next to me. I was so taken by her floppy ears and innocent little expression that I just had to meet her! Fortunately, her owner didn’t think I was a freak, and immediately rolled down the window so I could pet her pup. I found out that her name is Connie (how sweet is that?) and that she just gotten her spay stitches out. Bless!

After fawning over Connie, I hopped back in my car, turned on Q104.3 and was totally psyched to hear “Born to Run” by my favorite storytelling artist, Bruce Springsteen. Even better, it turned out to be a Springsteen music block, so I got to listen to another one of his classics “Rosalita” while driving home (which made hitting every single traffic light far less annoying).

I hope you’ve had at least one crankiness crusher today. If not, I’m sure there’s some goodness coming your way!



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