Please Don’t Burst My Zen Bubble!

I had a really enlightening weekend at Deerfield Spa. It feels like FOREVER since I last had a chance to nurture myself, and this was the type of place where everyone had one goal in mind: a journey towards wellness.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here are the only things I had to “worry about” on Saturday: 1:) Get up 2.) Eat the three healthy meals and two snacks they put out for me 3.) Figure out my exercise schedule and 4.) Enjoy my warm stone massage.  Rough day, huh? 😉

After some rest, healthy yet tasty meals, and some intensely fun & challenging workouts, I was floating high in my cozy “Zen bubble” (a term I think my friend Rachel and I may have coined this weekend???). Since I was so chill–which believe me is very rare!–I decided it was best to take a break from the iPhone and truly live and breathe in the moment. I often find myself worrying more about capturing a great moment on camera or how I’m going to write about how happy it made me rather than just taking it all in.

While we all can’t get away and enclose ourselves in a Zen bubble, this get-away reminded me of the importance of making time each day to take care of yourself and create your own Zen moments:

Take the time to eat the right foods to fuel your body, try to squeeze in a good stretch in the morning, become more aware of what it is that makes you feel good–whether it’s exercising, listening to good, inspirational music (my friend Rachel certainly disappoint me with her iPod play list, btw!), or taking a few moments to pat yourself on the back for something you did instead of beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t do.

My friends, please find some happiness and peace today: Declare your own Zen bubble and don’t you dare let anyone pop it!

Make time for Zen moments.




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