Pre-vacation jitters.

What is it about leaving for vacation–whether it’s for two weeks or two days–that gets me anxious and stressed? Perhaps it’s feeling like I need to get all of my ducks in a row (like doing the 26 loads of laundry I’ve been ignoring for the last two months!) before escaping my routine? Or maybe it’s knowing that taking a break usually means more to do when I come home? You think I’d be happy to get away–especially since I’m always complaining that I want to mix things up. And then when the time comes, I balk at the pressure to get everything done! Ugh, I’m annoyed at myself right now. Guess I’ll chalk it up as just another one of my “quirks”.

Lunch on our deck.

Thankfully Vlad (the husband) gets me–and pretty much knows how to encourage me to sit down and relax. Often the answer lies with food. 😉 Since he’s off from work this week, we had a somewhat leisurely morning after dropping the kids off at daycare. We went to the gym, grabbed a coffee at Starbucks (if you’ve been reading my blog, I’m sure you can guess what I had!), did a little pre-trip grocery shopping, and then ate lunch al fresco. It was a beautiful day: Not too windy where your napkins blow all over the place, and not too sunny where you’re squinting because you haven’t broken out the patio umbrella yet (and didn’t feel like running back inside to grab your sunglasses). Apart from the carpenter bees swarming around our heads and our dog trying to jump up and swallow them whole, it was a lovely lunch–and my crankiness crusher. It also didn’t hurt that I was chowing down on my favorite sub from Jersey Mike’s (turkey & provolone with EVERYTHING on it). Yum.

Okay…back to reality! By the time you read this, we’ll be on the road to the Great Wolf Lodge in PA. I’m really looking forward to checking out this indoor water park; probably just as excited as the kids! Hopefully I will have packed the right stuff, but if not, I’m sure there’s a pricey gift shop that has everything we need (there always is)!

I’ll be bringing my laptop, so I’ll keep you posted on how things are going. Until then, I hope your day is filled with lots of crankiness crushers.  Just remember to look for (or in some cases eat!) them.




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