Bottling The ‘School’s Out’ Feeling

summerToday was my son Colin’s last day of Kindergarten. He catapulted out of bed this morning, excited to wrap up the school year and then head to a friend’s house for a “Welcome Summer!” pool party.

When I went to pick him up from the party, the mom who organized the get-together showed me a photo she took of the kids; watermelon filling their smiles, and fists up in the air hailing summer. The picture warmed my heart and I felt a wave of nostalgia come over me.

There’s nothing better than being a carefree kid. The joy of waking up the next day after school’s over and not having to deal with your regular routine. Visions of beach play dates and summer camp memories to come and making S’mores and chasing fireflies at night. Summer seemed to last FOREVER when you were a child, didn’t it? And it was awesome!

Looking at that picture of Colin and his friends, I really wish that I could bottle that energetic ‘school’s out’ feeling. Fortunately, he and my almost 4-year-old daughter have many years ahead to embrace their summers off. And while I watch them relax and enjoy it, I too feel myself letting go and starting to plot more sunshine breaks and figuring out ways to sneak in fun wherever I can.

Let’s look forward to all of the crankiness crushing summer moments that are in store for us.




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