The Beach Boys Saved My Workout.

This is what I would have rather been doing.

I decided to hit the gym today, mostly because I knew that I could get a free hour of babysitting at the “Kids Klub”. 😉 I took a class called Body Works Plus Abs and boy did I have to work my body! Squats, weight-lifting, push-ups–and my least favorite…planks. While I know that they’re a good way to make my abs leaner, I hate how my arms shake and my back aches while doing them. Ugh. I sound so old!

But just as my body was convulsing and I was tasting the salty sweat dripping from my forehead (yum!), a crankiness crusher happened. “Wouldn’t it be Nice” by The Beach Boys started pumping through the speakers and I felt motivated. It got me thinking of summer and the thought of what I’d look like in a bathing suit if I didn’t do these stupid planks! “Good Vibrations” came on afterwards and then there was a selection of Madonna’s greatest hits. Gotta love some good 80s music! As I did crunches and bicycle sit-ups to  “Like a Virgin” and “Holiday“, my mind started drifting into long weekend planning mode and away from I feel like I’m going to throw-up right now mode. The exercise and good tunes woke up my body and got me excited about the holiday weekend (which I had practically forgotten about until now!).

Now that Friday is upon us, it’s officially here. Hooray! Try to let the thought of all the future fun you’ll have carry you through any annoyances today!


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