A Little Taste of the Past.

Apologies for the belated dose of happiness! After cleaning up my “toy circus” of a house and dealing with a 2-hour Battle of Wills with my 4-year-old over eating his dinner, I was tapped out. Before all of this happened, though, I had a very pleasant afternoon with my Mamochka (AKA mother-in-law) and kids.

I’ve been trying to learn how to make certain Russian foods lately, not only because my husband Vlad and I like them and I want to introduce them my kids, but also because they remind me of Vlad’s grandmother Baba Valya. She was a selfless person and an AMAZING cook (which my mother-in-law inherited), and whenever I eat the meals that she was known for, I feel like she’s smiling down from above because we’re enjoying something that she passed on to us.

My Crankiness Crusher. Not just the food, but the sentiment behind it.

A special shout-out  to my mother-in-law for bringing all of the ingredients and for taking the time to teach me how to make delicious Russian cuisine. I love learning about my other half’s culture and making sure that we incorporate it into our little family.

Is there something that you cook or bake that reminds you of a loved one you lost? (Please feel free to share!) I bet taking the time to make it will make you smile too.



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