Rub me the right way!

While it sucks that I have a bad back and occasionally end up walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when it goes out, without it I wouldn’t experience my monthly crankiness crusher: the pre-adjustment massage at my chiropractor’s office.

The woman who gets out my kinks and warms up my muscles is seriously gifted. Her fingers guide her to wherever there’s pain and by the time she’s through with me, I breathe more deeply, I feel my shoulders drop, and I’m reminded that I should learn how to chill out so my body doesn’t end up contorting into weird positions because of negative emotions and stress.

I may not be getting an hour-long warm stone massage with nature-like sounds playing in the background and a glass of refreshing cucumber water waiting for me at the end of it,  but it’s enough to get me to relax and reconnect with my body and mind.

I hope you find a moment to allow yourself to unwind–even if it’s just slowly breathing in and out for a few minutes while sitting quietly.  Try thinking of something pleasant (like the sound of ocean waves or visualizing the beautiful flowers in your garden) so your mind doesn’t drift back to what you’re worrying about. The more you learn how to take care of yourself, the less likely you are to snap!


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