Gotta love a good “son”dae.

Since we had a new refrigerator delivered today (hooray!), my husband worked from home to help out. Because he was around, I was able to leave my napping daughter and take my son for a much-needed haircut. It’s rare that we get to spend one-on-one time together anymore, so it was nice to be able to focus all of my attention on him.

To make the afternoon seem even more special, we took a trip to Toys “R” Us and then got ice cream at the Dairy Queen just a few doors down. Together we sat on a bench; his feet swinging while licking his vanilla ice cream cone and smiling with his eyes. Grinning, I dug my spoon into my delicious vanilla sundae with caramel topping. I noticed a slight breeze in the air, and then looked up to see the sun shining–a truly delightful sight since it’s rained here every day this week! At that particular moment, I was taking everything in: my son’s beautiful blue eyes and his freshly-cut red hair, how creamy and sweet the ice cream tasted, and how rewarding it felt to be spending this quality time together.

This moment was today’s crankiness crusher; a moment that reminded me yet again of the importance of being present. I felt it deeply, lived it fully, and enjoyed it immensely. I even let go of the fact that I didn’t have a camera to capture it for the blog! I almost ran back to the car to get my iPhone, but I didn’t want to ruin how perfect it was. You’ll just have to envision what it looked like…and what you would see is happiness.

I wish you all moments that stop you in your fast-paced tracks. Moments that encourage you to slow down and  realize that life IS good even when the weight of it often makes it feel like it isn’t. Moments that make you appreciate your existence.

Now get off your phone or computer and go enjoy what’s around you! 😉


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